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  • Whose initiative is this and why?
    This donation collection platform is an initiative of a group of School parents. Our objective is to provide the school with a private financing system through one-off and, above all, recurring donations, to achieve viability in the short, medium and long term. Our objective and ideal, just as the rest of the Schools have a source of public financing through their concerts, is to provide the CIM with its own source of financing through the generosity of many Catholics who support the project of educating the young people of our country. through a truly Catholic, healthy and free education, in addition to making this school accessible to many Catholic families by adjusting very affordable fees, so that the price is never an impediment to getting their children Be educated and formed as God wants you to be. We have not built this platform for a few specific months with the intention of saving the school from its imminent closure and then closing it. We have built it to stay and sustain the Father Piulachs Foundation in the long term, so that this school can continually finance itself and thus, year after year, it can continue forming great souls for great ideals. If you want to know who makes up the current team of this initiative, click on the button.
  • Will I receive anything in exchange for my donation?
    Of course yes 😊, I explain in detail what it means to become a Benefactor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary School: 1.- You will obtain a Certificate stating that thanks to your donations you have become a Benefactor of the CIM, leaving proof that thanks to people like you, this School that fights to improve the souls of its students and their families, within the heart of the Catholic Church, can remain open and continue educating many young people in this country in the true Catholic faith. Therefore, your work of Charity will be of great help in your plan of salvation and sanctification. 2.- You will be constantly in the prayers that are made every day for all the benefactors of the school. 3.- You will receive a monthly newsletter where we will inform you of all the progress, changes, improvements, etc... that the CIM experiences on a daily basis. 4.- You will receive the bimonthly magazine "Ave María" that the Missionaries of Christ the King publishes, which is full of invaluable information that will help you on your life's path towards God. 5.-You will always be invited and welcome to participate in all the lay activities that the school carries out for all CIM families, and you, through your donations, will become part of this beautiful family. 6.- You will be able to deduct a large part of your donations in your income tax return, 80% of the first €250 you donate and 45% of the rest that exceeds this amount.
  • Will my donation deduct my taxes on my income tax return?
    Of course YES, your donation will be made to the Father Piulachs Foundation, which is the owner of the School directed by the Missionaries of Christ the King. Being a foundation, each year we will send you the necessary document so that you can include it in your income tax return and you can deduct a large part of your generous donations that you have made throughout the previous year. See what benefits you can obtain in your income:
  • What is the origin, mission and values of this School?
    The founder of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Father José María Alba sj was a priest of ardent apostolic zeal, and a missionary of the reign of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In 1984 he opened the doors of a completely private Catholic school, so that, together with scientific, literary, and human knowledge, the students could learn to conduct themselves in life as good men, according to a Catholic being and thinking, knowing themselves to be heirs of the heaven, embracing all of Christianity with a heart open to everything noble, beautiful and good.
  • What type of families is the CIM intended for?
    This School wants to welcome all those families who seek not only academic excellence, but above all special attention to the soul of their children. Therefore, the first thing for the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the search for the Kingdom of God, aware that the rest will be given to us in addition. In this way, the center's intention is to help those families who participate in this ideal, even if they have few resources.
  • What is the connection between the Inmaculada Corazón de María School and the Father Piulachs Foundation? Why is my donation made into an account of this Foundation?
    The Father Piulachs Foundation is the owner and manages the Corazón Inmaculada de María School. That is why the donation is articulated through this foundation.
  • Why is the School going to close?
    Today the realization of this noble ideal is compromised by the tremendous economic difficulties to which the College has been exposed in recent years. In fact, the Missionaries of Christ the King have notified the closure of the School on June 30 of this year, 2024, due to the lack of funds to be able to face the opening of the new course.
  • And if the School manages to stay open, what is its future plan?
    If, thanks to donations like yours, the Immaculate Heart of Mary manages not to close its doors, it will study new management strategies, leaving safe what is important, what constitutes its reason for being: evangelization and the sanctification of souls, together with the academic level.
  • What will my donations be used for?
    Initially, all donations collected will be used to provide support and economic viability to the School, so that next year it can open its doors again. Once this is covered, the donations will also be used to implement measures to publicize the School and increase enrollment. The objective is that the College, in the medium term, can sustain itself.
  • If the School finally does not reopen its doors, what will happen to the donations?
    If in the end the amount necessary to ensure certain budget stability is not obtained, the donation amount will be made available to donors again.

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